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Christ the King

Catholic Primary School

Thornbury, bristol



Saturn Class

Hello, and welcome to Saturn Class!

The children have made an excellent start to Year 5 and seem very settled. 

Thank you to those who attended the Meet the Teacher Presentation at the beginning of September.  It was lovely to meet you all.  For those of you who were unable to attend, a copy of our presentation can be found by clicking here

Physical Education (PE) - this is such an important aspect and encourages a healthy lifestyle for the future.  All children should have a PE kit in school, at all times.  Our scheduled lessons are on a Wednesday and Friday however, we will do PE at other times if events are added to the school timetable.  No ear-rings are to be worn during PE so if your child has their ear(s) pierced they must either bring a small pot to put them in or tape to cover them over, if they can't be removed.  This term we are doing netball, which will be outside so if your child could have some long jogging bottoms and a jumper within their kit, this would be useful.

This year, swimming will be slightly different - we will be going week commencing 28th January 2019 and we will go every afternoon that week.  Your child will need a swimming costume/trunks,  towel and goggles (if necessary) every day that week.  Boys should not wear 'baggy swimming shorts' they will require trunks please.

Homework - this year we won't be using the portal, we will trial putting the homework on each class page.  This avoids the need to logon and will hopefully eliminate some of the issues we've been experiencing.  A .pdf file of the homework tasks and the spellings will be posted on this page on a Friday afternoon and it needs to be returned 10 days later on the Monday.  Please encourage your child to get into good habits for doing their homework.  If they are unsure of anything, provide support and guidance but don't do it for them.  If they are still unsure, then ask them to come and speak with me. 

Topic - For term 1 our topic will be The Mayans and term 2 will be The Tudors.  If you would like to help your child with their learning please ask them to research some basic knowledge regarding these topics.  This will help them immensely in class.

Computing - in Computing this term we will focus all our learning on the important topic of On Line Safety. This forms a key part of our Safe Guarding procedures and parents/carers play an important role within this.  Please encourage good use of technology - avoid using it at least an hour before bed; if games are played, ensure they are age appropriate for your child; but above all, talk with your child about this important subject, ask them how they can stay safe and ensure they are not talking with strangers OnLine.  If you need any advice or you have any concerns, then please don't hestitate to come and speak with me.

Our Fabulous 5 Rules - these were introduced in term 5 of last year and form the main part of our Behaviour Procedures within school.  They are:

  • Be Safe;
  • Be Kind;
  • Be Respectful;
  • Be Ready to Learn;
  • Be the Best You Can Be

Your child will be aware of the consequences and sanctions should they break any of our 5 rules.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your childs learning, then please do not hesitate to come and speak with me.

In meantime, I look forward to meet with you at our first Parents Evening on Tuesday 23rd or Thursday 25th October 2018.

Best Regards,

Miss Holloway