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Christ the King

Catholic Primary School

Thornbury, bristol



School Council

Here at Christ the King we have a very active School Council.  Each year group from years 1 to 6 have 2 representatives.  The representatives are voted for by the rest of the year group at the beginning of each school year (September).  They meet once a week with Mrs Wanless (Foundation Stage Class Teacher) to discuss important issues and to ask pupils for their opinions.  Each individual has their own role to play within the Council.

Our School council for 2016/2017 are:

Role   Responsible Person   Role Description
Chair   Riley   Helps keep control of the meeting and ensures all members have a say
Vice-Chair   Rosie   Stands in for Chair when absent
Secretary   Erin   Takes the register and takes minutes
Newsletter   Eldon & Matilda   Designs and publishes the newsletter
Organiser   Ollie   Organises the meeting logistics
Designers   Toby, Dominic, Poppy & Mario   Designs posters and any promotional material
Go-Getters   Will   Rounds up attendees who are missing


Learning Detectives ...

Our School Council play a very active role in being Learning Detectives across our School.  Dr Tom, is a scientist who came in to train us on how to be effective Learning Detectives.  For more information please go to our Learning Detectives page

Pupil Voice

The School Council also take part in 'Pupil Voice'.  This is when Senior Members of Staff and sometimes Governors come and ask for our opinions on school issues or to be reflective on some learning we have done.  We have also been invited to meet the Governors so we can explain more about Dr Tom's visit and our aims for this year.