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Christ the King

Catholic Primary School

Thornbury, bristol



Play Times

Here at Christ the King we acknowledge the importance and benefits of school playtime.  Our school day allows time for our children to relax and play freely with their friends.  Playing out doors allows the children to get plenty of exercise that promotes well-being and physical development.  Children naturally enjoy outdoor play: it allows them to explore their environment, develop coordination and gain self-confidence.

All our children enjoy a 15 minute break each morning.  We have 2 play-grounds, this allows our older children the space they need to run around without the fear of bumping into our younger children.  Our children also enjoy a 45 minute play at lunchtime once they have eaten their lunch.  Foundation and Key Stage 1 children also have a 10 minute afternoon break.

KS1 Playground: our Foundation and Key Stage 1 children have their own playground with plenty of space to run around.  We have a wide range of play equipment for the children to select themselves and play with, plus a jungle gym which allows them to develop their balance and coordination.  For the summer term, there is also a sand-pit available.

KS2 Playground: our Key Stage 2 playground provides ample space for our older children to run around and get some exercise.  They have access to a wide variety of play equipment which they can select themselves - hockey sticks and goals, footballs, hoops, variety of racquets and balls.  They also have a climbing wall and jungle gym which are available in the summer months when the weather is warmer (and drier!).

We have a large field which is used by all our children from after Easter (weather permitting).  This provides a wonderful opportunity for all our children to play together and make friends across the whole school, irrespective of age.