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Christ the King

Catholic Primary School

Thornbury, bristol



Parent Forum

'Working in partnership for the future of our children'

Our next Parent Forum meeting is:

Tuesday 29th November 2016 @ 9.15am

Please feel free to come along and get involved !

Our Aims

  • Our aim is to help the School improve its standards but also to ensure you and your child/ren are satisfied with these standards;
  • We welcome views and feedback from everyone and rely on all parents/carers to be open and honest in your opinions.  Your Voice Counts!
  • We know how important it is to keep parents informed of changes and developments that take place in the School and equally the School and Parent Governors recognise the importance of giving parents the opportunity to become involved in matters affecting their children and give their feedback where they have concerns;
  • We want to encourage greater two-way communication and involvement by having a parent forum.  The forum will act as a communication tool between you, the Parent/Carer, the Governing Body and the School;
  • The forum is not a route for individual complaints as this is covered by the Schools complaints procedure, however, if you feel that your concern has a wider implication for the school then you should bring this to the Parent Forum;

What do we discuss?

Anything related to how the School can be improved.  Some topics, that parents have already suggested and have been discussed are:

  • Communication - how can this be improved?  eg: the newsletters, text system, letters etc...
  • School life, wellbeing and building communities - how can the school improve its relationship with parents and pupils? What can the school do to get you more involved?
  • The Learning Experience - are you aware of how your child learns at school? what resources are available? how can you support this at home?

Who will be at the Parent Forums?

All parents/carers are invited to attend and the Forum will be chaired by the Head Teacher or a member of school staff.

How long will they take?

Each meeting will last about 45mins to 1 hour, but you can stay for as long as you can.  If you're pushed for time or have other commitments, let us know at the start and if there is anything specific you want to raise this can be covered earlier in the meeting.

How will I know what's been discussed?

A summary of what has been discussed during the meeting will be made and agreed at the end of each meeting.  A copy of this summary will be sent out with the School's Newsletter and will also be published on the school website.  The summary will note the name of the person who is responsible for taking action on each issue.

How can I get involved?

All parents are welcome to attend the meetings and they take place each term (6 meetings throughout the year) at times that we hope will give you the opportunity to get involved.  If you're not able to attend, that's ok, you can still get involved or feedback any views or comments into the suggestion box held at the school office or by e-mailing the school office and we will discuss this at the next meeting and respond directly to you with the outcome of what's been discussed and any further actions.