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Christ the King

Catholic Primary School

Thornbury, bristol



Mercury Class

Hello and Welcome to Mercury Class.  Our Foundation stage children have their own large classroom with an outdoor play area and access to the woodlands.  The children have constant access to the outdoor area and we always enjoy taking our learning outside.  The woodland area is used by all the school for their learning so we have timetabled slots when we can use this area.

At the start of our Recetion year each c hild is assigned a 'buddy' - a Year 6 child who helps us throughout our time in Reception.  They help us settle when we first start school, help in the playground and we do some trips together.  At the beginning of the second term we go to Redwood Lodge to do a variety of team building activities together.

In our Reception class we do alot of our learning through play.  Over the course of the year we use a variety of themes to link our learning and increase our opportunities to investigate and learn things for ourselves.  We do not follow a certain topic each term but we get our inspiration from our children so they have a say in what they want to learn.  At the moment we are being keen builders and we are all enjoying learning new songs and rhymes! We are also busy practising forming the letters correctly in our names.

Our timetable tends to change on a weekly basis dependent on what we are learning but we have a daily phonics session where the children learn a new sound and then practice reading and writing in a fun way to help consolidate their learning.

We work in 3 different ways throughout the week: Teacher Led activities where an adult works on a specific learning objective in small groups or on a one to one basis, Teacher Guided activities where an adult explains activities they have put out an the child develops their learning by themselves or with less adult input and Child Initiated activities where the child takes on responsibility fo rtheir own learning and the adult observes and records using photos and written observations.  Children are encouraged to have a balance of all these activities throughout the week.

Throughout the year we are trying to get the children to be as independent as possible.  This term we are itroducing the children to our Challenge Zones.  There are 3 zones: the red zone which is where they are trying to learn something that is too difficult for them, the green zone where they are not learning anything new and the yellow zone which is when the children are learning new things.  Having these zones helps us to focus the children and allow them to become more independent in their own learning.  If you hear your child say they are in the yellow zone that is where you want them to be!

Throughout the year we focus on different values with the children.  The value for this term is RESPECT and we will be doing a variety of activities based around respecting places, people and things.

We are also teaching them to have ruby power to encourage them to be kind and helpful to each other.  For more information on the different powers we cover in the school please visit the School Council Web Page (click here) and click on the Learning Detectives link.

This term PE is on a Friday.  PE kits need to be kept in school in case we have extra PE sessions during the week.  We do PE in the hall and this term we are practising throwing and catching and starting to play team games.

It is really important to get an overall picture of your child we are only get to see them for part of the day.  Wow Moments can help us see what the children are learning at home.  These can be something that your child has learnt to do, maybe swimming or learning to ride a bike or they may have got dressed themselves or done something you are really proud of.  Please keep sending in your Wow Moments into school.

If you would like any more information about what we're learning and how you can help your child at home, then please do not hesitate to come and speak with me.

Many thanks,

Mrs Wanless